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tv   News  ABC  October 5, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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date night is precious. and you want to make the most of it. before you book a reservation, find out if your restaurant makes the grade. >> the food, the fun and beer garden and a lot of reasons to head over to fells point this weekend. we will have more on the festival that has something for everybody. those stories straight ahead on this friday. thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. it's purple friday and orange friday. o's play tonight and o's -- ravens on sunday. a lot going on this weekend locally in the community. give me good weekend weather wise. >> they are rolling the dice. it's going to be pretty good especially today. it's going to be beautiful. by saturday, still some sunshine but the wet weather will begin to move in. and we go into saturday evening and into sunday. and those temperatures are going to drop off on sunday. but let's talk about what we have right here in front of us. because maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. and that's going to be the scenario as we head to the rest of today. it's going to be awesome.
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jessup's temperature 59 degrees and we do have dry air to talk about this morning. and even in reisterstown 58 dew point coming in at 53. and right now, look at the temperatures in annapolis. 63 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this week's heavy rains have caused big problems in east baltimore. and there's a third sink hole on east monument street and here's the scene from yesterday. now east monument will remain shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. it's just a mess. it's not going to reopen any time soon. and until everything is fixed you want to use orleans street. 95 if you are useing that to get downtown, this is what it looks like at 395. traffic is moving right along no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel going to be in great shape. and traffic is picking up on the beltway right now. here on the northwest corner at old court road inner loop nice and clear through pikesville but the outer loop slowing down towards route 40.
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that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic megan and charley over to you. news time 6:31. back to school shopping is over. the holiday shopping season. still a few weeks away. but that doesn't mean you can't find a really good deal right now. you see retailers are trying to lure customers with discounts and it may pay off. so abc2 news renee is live this morning in washington, d.c. to tell us where to save money. tell us we need to know. >> reporter: i know. you know, what i don't are in t pair of jeans or a new car or a vacation. we need that. if you are, you will like the news i will tell you about. in the next few vehicles ofoctober, according to time magazine it's the best time to buy some of those things. on the list of the best things to buy in october, according to time magazine, a new car, dealers they want to make room for the new inventory. jeans also. that's because many of them are left over inventory from back to school sales. camping gear whatever didn't sell this summer, that's on
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sale now. and you can find good deals on vacations. a lot of tourist traffic is not an issue at this time of the year. so that's good news. and for retailers, this is the 4th quarter. so this is the last chance to increase the bottom line. and they use sales to entice customers like you and me. time also suggest that october is is a good time to go and get your flu shot and technically, flu season starts in november, but, it takes two weeks for that shot to kick in. so, when you shop for those jeans, don't neglect the health think about the flu shot as well many back to you. >> that's a good piece of advice. but a lot of people are curious about what's available online because no one wants to go fight the hassle at the store. so for those of us who shop in our living room any deals thereat all? >> reporter: you know i am a big time shopper and didn't even know this. but you might appreciate thisch the week leading up to october is when you can get your best
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deals online. we are talking about clothes, electronics, marked down by 30%. and it doesn't compare to what you would see on a black friday or a cyber monday, but 30% you can get savings the week leading up to halloween. back to you. >> thanks so much we always love a good deal. all right a new place for you to shop. it's rung to the -- returning to the mol. it kicks off -- today with a appearance by shirley jones. there's gala preview. tomorrow they open for business. many are going out to din are and we posted letter grades would it make a difference in the restaurants you use? the city of baltimore and council are trying to find out. they took public comment on a bill requiring restaurants to post grades from their inspections. some rest rant owners don't like the idea. -- restaurant owners don't like
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the idea. but brandon scott have heard from residents and all by one -- but one supports the plan. >> they feel it's something the city should have done a long time ago and a bunch said we don't do that and are embarrassed that baltimore is one of the only major cities you can't see inspection results for restaurants or can't walk into a restaurant and see the grade orating. >> councilman scott's bill would require the health department to post inspections online. maryland state police are replacing the aging medivac fleet and they say it's important to do because today they will unveil a new helicopterch the governor and other state officials are scheduled to attend the event which is taking place at marten state airport. if you have a flight booked. today on american airlines, you may want to phone ahead or get online to make sure it's takingoff on line because they are canceling 44 flights as crews scramble to fix the seats
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on the bowing 757s many you may remember the story from last week. that's when they started loose rails on the floor the seats were coming up because of the clamp installed incorrectly. and they basically had to refurbish the planes. the work is supposed to be financeished on sunday. right now, though, all american flights in and out of bwi they are running on time but it's good to check. they may have rob the place but left the more than the catch. >> we tell you what he -- what he got. >> we will take you to a community where they went from temperatures in the 80s to this. >> all right. don't forget to get the weather on your mobile phone. all you have to do is go to our app store and down load the app. it's 57 in westminster under clear skies. the 7-day forecast and the weekend forecast coming up. >> reporter: will 3 -- 83
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isnice and clear. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up at 95 and 695 coming up on good morning maryland. >> i am jessica from baltimore thank you orioles for getting us this far. we love you. go all the way. go o's. it's time to change the way we clean.
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we have a story this morning of violence on the city bus in kansas city missouri. >> a teen punched the driver and it was caught on camera. we want to warn you before we show you, it might disturb you a little bit. no one wants to see violence. >> you can see the young men getting on the bus standing at fare box when he told them to get off because they didn't haveenough cash they exit, punching the 54-year-old driver in the face. >> so police are trying to find those two guys responsible.
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thankfully they do have video evidence, but they are look for the two teenagers -- looking for the two teenagers. >> tried to carry on with the -- he tried to carry on with the shift but the patrons told him to pull over after he started to run over cones. atlanta police are searching for men who robbed a pizza hut. the cashier said when she realized he was not armed she hit him. >> another worker hit the crook with a broom and he grabbed 31 dollars and he took off right out the front door. >> that's not worth the trouble. >> no 31 bucks? >> no when you are getting beat up. >> get ready because you will see a star athlete in howard county. >> actually vol chance to see a -- you will have a chance to see him because lance armstrong is going to be there. we will tell you why he is coming. >> also ahead this morning, we all want to see the o's win and that includes some fans at the national aquarium. we will show you their tribute to the orioles. >> and do you like 50-50 odds?
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that's how the weekend will turn out. details coming up. >> reporter: traffic is moving right along here on 95 through the fort mchenry tunnel. i will let you know how it's shaping up on 83 and the beltway coming up on good morning maryland.
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david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland.
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it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
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thanks for joining us on this friday morning. this is your abc2 news to go. i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's start with the forecast with lynette charles. >> check out what's going on in terms of temperatures. we are feeling good this morning. we are on the cool side. ijamsville at 57. and 64 in laurel and 57 in millersville. and this is going to be the scenario going throughout the day. let's step out of the way and show you the beautiful shot in bel air this morning. look at this sunrise. it's awesome. and that's the way it's going to stay as we go through time. and maryland most powerful radar is dry right now. scanning the skies not lot to scan. we will see changes in the forecast but in the meantime, enjoy what you get for today. the hour by hour forecast brings to us 81 by 3. and mostly sunny skies. let's check the amount bc2 time save -- abc2 timesaver traffic.
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>> reporter: hopefully the rain will hold off for the fells point festival the it will shut down broadway beginning at 6 tonight and that's between banks street and james street. other streets south of alexandria will shut down early tomorrow morning. a full traffic advisory can be on travel on the east side of the city, do watch out for a searching hole. we are dealing with a third sink hole that happened yesterday due to all of this week's heavy rain. east monument street remains shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. you will want to use orleans street instead. for those of you heading out to 695, here's live look in parkville at harford road. everything moving along. and outer loop starting to pick up and no significant delays up towards towson. and this is what the northwest corner looks like. actually this is going to be 83 at shawan road and everything is moving along fine. know problems to 695 and the jfx will remain nice and clear heading downtown. the minimumin gite ies outbreak is getting worse.
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more -- meningitis outbreak getting worse. this morning abc2 news linda so is here with the latest on the developments anlinda, why are they so worried now the doctor about this getting worse. >> reporter: all the facilities that unknowingly gave the contaminated shots have been ored to check stock. but if you have a gottaen a steroid shot for back pain you could be at risk. in maryland there are 7 facilities that gave shots including baltimore towson bel air and edgewood and avenuington. five people died and 35 people have gotten sick in six states with fungal meningitis. one person in maryland died and another got sick. outbreak has been linked to spinal steroid shots a treatment for back pain. state health officials worry it could get worse because hundreds of people are believed to have gotten the contaminat shot. it takes about 1 to 4 weeks for symptoms to fully surface.
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you should look out for stroke like symptoms, a phaser, headaches and stiff neck orvomit -- fever, headaches or stiff neck or vomiting. >> it could take up to a month. it is caused by a fungus or mold that anry doesn't cause harm. >> reporter: find a complete list of the facilities where the shots were begin on the website at and the slide show. the massachusetts company where the shots were manufactured has volume unterrible shut down the plant. voluntarily shut down the plant. linda so, abc2 news. october marks national bullying month. this is a problem they want to prevent. a statewide bullying prevention conference is taking place today held at the university of maryland college park. and sherrie johnson is live this morning with more on what this conference is all about. sherrie. >> reporter: well, parents and educators are teaming up to help make schools in maryland a little safer for students. basically teams of educators from across the state will
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gather at college park for this conference. some folks started yesterday. but the majority of the folks will attend the conference today starting at 9 a.m. first lady of maryland katy o'malley will be on hand for the conference as well as the state superintendent. this is the third year for the event which coincides with national bullying prevention month. those attend will receive the latest research and practices and school safety. learn straties how to empower students to help stop bullying and offer ideals for bullying prevention. >> if your child is being bullied, this is not tolerable, that will is a way a meck him in -- mechanism to report that or you need to report that. there's a form available in each local school system but it's also on our department's website maryland public you can fill that form out be a you can -- and you can take it to the local school add straightor. >> reporter: now some parents,
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students and educators will all be in attendance at this conference. this is the largest bullying prevention conference in the state and it starts at 9 a.m. this morning to 4 p.m. at college park. reporting live, sher ria johnson -- sherrie johnson. >> check out a special viewing of a documentary called bully starting at 11 in the morning at amc theater in columbia at the mall. tickets are $4 if you buy them in advance. $5 at the door. keeping your children safeand successful is the focus of a conference going on today in baltimore county. teachers principals and counselors will take part and focuses on straties for success and offers training the velt of positive behavior and safety and emergency plans. did you ever play simon said says? students will tried to get a world record for the largest game of simon says. that kicks off at noon today. you want to get your blood pressure and glucose checked?
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a lot of us want to keep our health in check and you have the opportunity to do those things today for free. you don't have to have an appointment. sound pretty good. there's a free health fair happening at arundel mills mall. get various screenings, and there's going to be exhibit on aging and wound healing and health and that goes from 10 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon. cleaning up the algea build you go in the reflecting pool in front of lincoln memorial that formed after the pool reopened after undergoing a two year renovation. it cost about $34 million. the pool and been drained and will remain empty for at least a week. >> a celebrity is coming to town. tomorrow lance armstrong will pete about cancer survivorship at centennial high school and sunday, he is expected to compete with other cancer survivors. >> great food and great music. grab the family and head to
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fells point. fells point festival takes place tomorrow and sunday. there will be live music and pupets and magic shows. a lot of great foods. the fest fall -- festival runs from 11 to 7. >> timonium is the place to be for the sugarloaf craft festival at fair ground. featuring more than 250 artists from around the country and a kids section. it runs from 10 until 6 today and tomorrow and sunday it's open from 10to 5. >> if that's not your thing but music is head out to columbia for the biggest music festivals at the mary weather post pavilion. there will be a,000 extra tickets released. the lineup includes jack white and zz top. >> it's hard to believe they are pulling out the ice scrapeers and shovels in north dakota. the national weather service calling for more snow. unbelievable. it's october. these pictures they are from fargo and they say even though
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it's autumn looks like winter. about 6500 homes and businesses lost power because of the snow. and get this, temperatures on sunday they were in the mid- 80s. hard to believe but that's the case. >> lynette. >> pretty though. >> all right. yes, they are dealing with the snow. you can see it moo canada and in northern minnesota and the tip of north dakota. they will deal with that going throughout the day. we are on a far cry away from that. we have temperatures in the 80s. that's what i am forecasting for today. lots of sunshine and we can see clear skies as of now and the sun is beginning to arrive. we can see in ellicott city dealing with a stellar day. it's going to be beautiful outside and temperatures this morning coming in on the cool side. we are a little above average but without the humidity out there, we feel really good. 62 in annapolis. bel air at 62. and we are at 58 in galena and goldsboro at 57 degrees.
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now high pressure is at surface building in for today and bringing in the dry air. we are waiting for this cold front. this is the one that brought the snow to the northern plains. but, cooler air is behind it and that's what's going to be working in as we go into sunday. now future treen not picking up on a whole lot. but we will start to see changes as we go into saturday. so we will see the clouds increase as we go into the afternoon. and then there's a slight chance for a shower to work their way in here as we go into the evening time frame but the bulk of the rain works in on sunday. now for today, that temperature coming in at 81 degrees. and tonight, 57 mostly clear and dry. and 74 for tomorrow. and here's 7-day forecast for you as we will be very chilly on sunday. let's get a check of the abc2 time saber traffic with lauren cook -- timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: the weather will remain relatively nice. we have a few problems that you will want to watch out for this morning. of course we are dealing with the sink hole a third sink hole right now in east baltimore on
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east monument street and that continues to be closed between wolf and patterson park avenue. you will want to use orleans street instead. we have a crash in parkville on harford road at woodside avenue. and traveling the beltway, here's what it looks like at harford road inner loop clear but the outer loop starting to jam and that continues as you make the drive up towards providence road. here's what the west side of the beltway looks like at liberty road. traffic moving along no significant delays as you travel down to 95. or traveling that inner loop through pikesville. as you know, the orioles for the first time in 15 years are in the playoffs. they are playing in texas tonight. everybody is getting into the spirit of things. >> you see the studio and it'sdecorated getting ready for the o's. you can see orange flowers as well. orioles piert is huge. they got to win tonight if they want to come back to baltimore for the divisional series with the yankees. >> the pressure is on. >> it is. >> and at the national aquarium. there are certainly getting involved in the final a little support from one bird to
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another. >> video of the day take a look at this. newsroom is in stitches all morning. watch this. ♪ hey folks and the o's are hot ♪ the thundering roar from 34 ♪ to give it all they have got ♪ ♪ who is going hear the call ♪ the magic of orioles baseball feet. & orioles magic feel it happen ♪ orioles magic ♪ see it happen ♪ orioles ♪ magic magic magic something magic happens. >> hear here's my question with that. how did they get that beak thing the lip sync her.
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>> how do you get -- the yankees flag. >> the birds are true orioles fans. >> i guess they are. >> i have a great -- have a great weekend. updates in 30 minutes. >> go orioles.
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